Our courses are all based on more than 30 years of experience teaching employees and managers. Therefore, the participants are ensured the optimal conditions for both the personal learning and the professional competence development that strengthens both the individual and the organization.

All courses will of course be adapted to your starting point and needs. These tailor-made courses are for in-house teaching only. Contact us to hear more about your options.

It is possible to choose between two types of courses: Open courses and internal courses. Everyone can sign up for an open course, while an in-house course only takes place with participants from the same organization. This way we can ensure that smaller companies also have the opportunity to acquire specific skills – and that larger organizations can build a solid foundation of common knowledge. The open courses can be found under the Calendar, while all internal ones are listed on this page.

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For leaders

Dynamic team management

You can have it all

Good leadership – even in headwinds

When leadership creates calm in the midst of crisis

Optimal management communication

This is how you get to say what you mean

Conflict-free leadership

How to achieve effective conflict management in leadership

The profitable change

Get effective management tools that gives you an overview of the different processes of change

Dynamic leadership

Because the world is not standing still

For the entire organization

How to handle difficult people (in danish)

Concrete and practical guide to tackling conflicts

Well-being – is something we create together

Focus on job satisfaction in challenging times

High performance through teambuilding

Optimize teamwork and create both well-being and top results