Good leadership – even in headwinds

When leadership creates calm in the midst of crisis

The leadership course is for the many leaders who come under pressure. After a long period of constant progress and growth, many feel the crisis as something of an abrupt awakening. The tendency is to give a lot more to achieve the same results.

As a leader, it can be difficult to adapt to the new conditions, and if you do not hold on tight to yourself and each other, you will see a tendency towards a fluctuating ‘pendulum leadership’.

Take home value:

And although the crisis is undeniably challenging, there is no reason to intensify it. In the management course, you therefore learn to keep calm and maintain overview – and thereby make sensible decisions.

  • Insight into the special disciplines of crisis management
  • Impulse control as a key tool
  • Insight into case studies
  • Effective communication strategies

Learn to use your authority
The purpose of the course is to give participants insight into how we as leaders can use our natural authority and integrate the governing part of leadership. That does not mean that everything has to be replaced. Coaching remains a good tool, but the manager must also sharpen his attention to key elements of the business.

It may take some time to refresh the tools to be used in the changing business climate. And that is precisely what is particularly challenging for younger leaders who have never experienced anything but progress. That is why we offer this intensive course in management.

Participant profile

The course is aimed at all managers who want to work to strengthen the insight into the special management space crises require.


Being able to accept a crisis before it occurs gives you as a leader the best conditions to prepare yourself and this course will give you the basic techniques and insights into just that. Being able to be present as a leader and be the field of gravity that creates calm in the middle of a crisis is crucial for how the organization is able to navigate.

In the management course, there is a alteration between presentation and dialogue with the participants in the ratio 60/40. It is important that the participants are safe with each other, as the course gets close to the participants. The course alternates between exercises, presentations and reflections on own practice. And you will leave the course with a number of tools and knowledge that are directly applicable in your everyday life as a leader.


Sebastian Nybo is a renowned author, lecturer and business psychology consultant with international experience and network. He has worked with organizational development and High Performance Teams for more than 30 years. As a participant, you get access to both his deep professional knowledge as well as concrete experiences from a large number of the companies he has advised and supported into a dynamic team culture and increased well-being. He has developed a large number of effective and unique tools that provide an overview of a hectic everyday life – and you as a participant in his lectures and courses get direct access to them.

Sebastian is the author of the 12 theories and models that are part of the SEB theory set, and in recent years has specialized in the topics of Sustainable Management, Team Culture and Evolutionary Psychology.

He has taught more than 350,000 people both at home and abroad and has many years of experience in teaching and advising managers and key employees, and is today considered an authority in his field.

Program for the day

Kl. 9: Welcome
Kl. 9:10: Power of action – SQ intelligence Today we know that the power of action is a special form of intelligence. We also know what can block it and how to train it.

  • Strengthen your power of action – without being drummed up
  • Body language – this is how you get impact
  • Do not make the crisis worse by creating drama

Kl. 10: The art of being able to navigate headwinds Avoid exhausting employees – motivation, motivation and motivation again

  • The 7 steps of motivation – and how to communicate to each of them
  • From words to action
  • Firing, trimming and adjusting – how to maintain the commitment of the staff

Kl. 12: Lunch
Kl. 13: Communication – the art of informing It is a central task in management to be able to communicate authentically – even when it is the difficult news that needs to be served.

  • How to get the prune on the counter – and create confidence in your drive
  • Learn to use our unique communication model ‘The Diamond’, which consists of 8 steps, which ensures efficient and dignified communication

Key themes for maintaining good leadership – even under pressure

  • Focus on dynamism and impact – action in times of crisis
  • To be authentic and dynamic in your leadership style
  • Make the best use of employees’ resources – LEAN 2.0
  • Prepare your staff for change without creating unnecessary drama
  • Make quick, accurate and correct decisions in difficult situations
  • The authentic leadership – communication strategy

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  • User manual in crisis management
  • The leader as a gravitational field
  • Communication strategy and crisis management

Duration: Full-day course eg from kl. 9-16

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