The profitable change

Get effective management tools that gives you an overview of the different processes of change

An effective 2-day program for all companies facing a constant demand for increased profitability – which can best be achieved by an in-depth knowledge of three basic factors: Market mechanisms, efficiency principles and Human Resources – and the interaction between them. In the constant dynamics between them, there is rarely a “one silver bullet solution” – because in profitable changes the elements are connected. We need to see the bigger picture. The seminar is structured so that the participants on the first day get knowledge of the theories, models and assumptions that are part of the concept “The profitable change“. On day two, the theories are translated into the reality of the participants. Participants are given opportunities to practice the tools and the new understanding in everyday life.

Take home value:

Most companies have a large amount of control over efficiency, and concepts like Lean Manufacturing have become a common tool seen at many companies. Many companies are also good at monitoring market developments. So the obvious growth area in relation to profitability is not just about smart technology, but about people – about understanding, developing and unleashing human potential in a new way – “The Inner Leadership”.

  • The successful process of change – learn about the four basic conditions
  • Optimize the ability of the employees to “lead themselves” in a way that is beneficial for the company.
  • From labor costs to increased profitability – human resources are a strategic competitive parameter
  • Visions that are not rooted in the values of the organization creates employees that are demotivated

Participant profile

Managers and HR staff who have the task of structuring and implementing change processes in the organization.


“One person alone cannot keep up with the tidal wave of information that comes from all disciplines. If you think you can, then you are acting on a deficient, and often downright dangerous, flimsy base of information. If we continue like this, we will not be able to take advantage of development. It is important to learn to see the bigger picture rather than just sub-aspects thereof. We are therefore “forced” to use each others knowledge if we want to gain a holistic insight into the foundation of sustainable decisions. Therefore a new form of cooperation is needed”, writes author and teacher Sebastian Nybo – who is the teaches at this seminar.


The seminar is based on the concept “The Profitable Change“. The purpose of the seminar is to train the participants in applying a holistic way of thinking about the principles of change, so that they can effectively transfer the models, theories and analytical tools included in the seminar into their own daily management. On day two, the teachers will include the participants’ own cases, so that the seminar alternates between intensive teaching and exercises based on real life experiences. The course alternates between exercises, presentations and reflections from their own practice. And you will leave the course with knowledge and a series of tools that are directly applicable in your everyday life as a leader.


Sebastian Nybo is a renowned author, lecturer and business psychology consultant with international experience and network. He has worked with organizational development and High Performance Teams for more than 30 years. As a participant, you get access to both his deep professional knowledge as well as concrete experiences from a large number of the companies he has advised and supported into a dynamic team culture and increased well-being. He has developed a large number of effective and unique tools that provide an overview of a hectic everyday life – and you as a participant in his lectures and courses get direct access to them.

Sebastian is the author of the 12 theories and models that are part of the SEB theory set, and in recent years has specialized in the topics of Sustainable Management, Team Culture and Evolutionary Psychology.

He has taught more than 350,000 people both at home and abroad and has many years of experience in teaching and advising managers and key employees, and is today considered an authority in his field.

Program for day 1

8:30 Breakfast

9.00 Welcome by teacher Sebastian Nybo

9:10 The basisc principles
Gain insight into the basic principles behind the concept “The profitable change“. The competitive situation, globalization and increasing demands for participation create a constant need for major changes in many companies.

  • The optimal process from A to Z – get an overview of the different phases in the optimal change process.
  • The four basic conditions of the process of change.
  • Learn to anticipate the pitfalls of the processes of change, so that you can adjust them in time.
  • Understand the value of a common set of values – change comes from within.
  • Management has a special responsibility – learn to use the 5 clues.

Get the answers to the questions: Why do you do it? How do you do it? What is the result?

10:30 Top motivated employees create excellent results

80% of all employees experience that they are not given the opportunity to use all their talents in their daily work – self-management is the key to enormous resources

  • The 7 cornerstones of High Performance – what are the dynamics behind top performance.
  • Motivation must come from somewhere – learn where.
  • Willingness to change is a trait that can and must be learned.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 The secret behind the successful process of change – to see the bigger picture
Participants will learn to see the connections that exist between the different sub-elements of the change process that lead to the Profitable Change.

  • Participants are introduced to holistic leadership – to see the bigger picture in detail.
  • It is only rarely a “one silver bullet solution”, because in profitable changes, the elements are connected – we must see the bigger picture.

14:00 Break with refreshments

14:15 Success factors

Success factor # 1: Learning to learn
Creating lasting change requires a learning process where everyone says goodbye to outdated behavior patterns and where the employees not only learn new routines instead of the old ones, but they”learn to learn.”

Success factor # 2: Increasing readiness for change
Learn to understand why change is often met with resistance – and what you can do to turn resistance into a readiness for change. Both as human beings and as an organization, we must of course say goodbye to previous assumptions, attitudes and values when they no longer make sense. It can cause internal unrest. In attitude processing and culture change, communication and authentic dialogue are crucial factors in the learning process that reduce the resistance to change ”.

Success factor no. 3: Mediator of change
Having to “stand in front” in a change process is a task for the management. It is absolutely crucial for the result, that the senior staff can show a special presence for the employees and keep a strategic focus on the vision – at the same time. Change management is developing the potential for holistic innovation.

15:30 Finishing the first day
The participants agree apon how they will work with the material until day two.

16:00 The seminar ends

Day 1 will alternate between theory, models and practical experiences from everyday life. To create clarity about the opportunities of the process and critical success factors, we take a closer look at a number of “cases” from companies that have all recognized that future growth is about accommodating all three elements of the change process.

Program for day 2

8:30 Breakfast

9.00 Welcome by teacher Sebastian Nybo

9:10 Checkpoint

How has it been to work with the material – is there anything that needs to be elaborated, adjusted or discussed. It is central that the participants are given the opportunity to ask questions to the theories and models so that we ensure that the tools make sense.

10:00 Refreshments

10:15 Workshop – the participants’ work with their own cases

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Workshop – continued

14:15 Refreshments

14.30 Closing dialogue – This is how you can do it yourself

16.00 The seminar ends

As extended documentation material, the participants receive the book – “The inner leadership”, which has just been reprinted in a new edited and expanded edition.

The concept “The profitable change” is used by many different companies. Here is what a couple of the previous participants have said about the seminar:

ALK-Abello and Trotters say…

”The seminar guides the student through the use of the different tools which focus on the bottom line of business, and that a modern company must always be in “motion” and thus ready for change. The book and course manage to integrate business strategy and human resources in an elegant way; a fantastic management tool.”
Kirsten Harting, Director
ALK-Abello A/S

“Sebastian Nybo’s manages – from his personality and visionary abilities – to account for the work tools his book provides the reader with, in a very vivid and easy to understand way.”
Jan Holmbach Henriksen, Group Development Director

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  • Dynamics of change from A to Z.
  • Tools and hands-on experiences
  • Strategy and implementation

Duration: 1 to 2 days course

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