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A really good lecture provides the participants both the essence of a topic and new insights that make them wiser on their own starting point. As a participant in Sebastian Nybo’s lectures, you will receive a maggi dice extracted from more than 30 years of experience. And just because it is clever, it can also be fun. Sebastian Nybo’s unpretentious straightforwardness combined with his professional expertise means that any lecture will not only be remembered for a day or two, but will form the reference point for many years of future dialogue.

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Culture Based Leadership

When you are not there, it is the culture, that leads

Work satisfaction

Enough energy for everything and more

Optimal communication

It's not what you say - it's the way you say it!

Effective conflict management

How to handle difficult people

High Performance Team

Dynamic Team Management - the key to both profitability and well-being

Dynamic leadership

The management of the future is dynamic - are you?

Value-based leadership

Create a solid foundation with clear values

Creactive leadership

It takes courage to break the patterns of the past - but foolish not to

Change – is the name of the game

How to prepare yourself for change