Effective conflict management

How to handle difficult people

Duration: From 50 minutes to 1,5 hours

Conflicts cost both time and money, and it drains the energy of every collaboration. This lecture is for you who want to learn to deal with the difficult situations that naturally arise in work contexts, and which can ultimately cost the company a lot of money due to conflict-ridden efficiency.

Why book this lecture?

This lecture serves as a source of inspiration to understand conflict management as a natural part of all future work processes. In a fun and entertaining way, Sebastian Nybo gives you a basic knowledge of conflict management that most people would have liked to have had many years ago.

Take home value:

  • We can not promise that you can avoid bumping into difficult people after the lecture! But you learn to keep free from their negative patterns so that you can more easily deal with them without them draining you of energy and leaving you frustrated.
  • You learn to understand, recognize and go against the most typical negative behavior patterns that colleagues use against you and your decisions.
  • You learn to handle the conflict situations that will naturally arise between you as employees in the best possible way – consequence through self-confidence.

The lecture can be angled so that it is targeted at either the company’s managers or the employees.

Leo Pharma says

We have used the SEA Group as an external partner in various group contexts and always with a good result.
In particular, I would like to highlight Sebastian Nybo as a unique speaker. Sebastian manages to reach close to the individual participant – also in a larger forum, and I would venture the claim that everyone gets something to take home, both in the form of practical tools, but also food for thought.
I would put it very simply, namely: “that there will be higher ceilings when SEA Group Ltd has given of its knowledge.”
I can only recommend him to others
Kirsten Sørensen, Personnel Manager,
Leo Pharma

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Key words about the lecture

  • Review of the three main groups of negative behaviors
  • Insight into different conflict resolution models
  • An insight into the connection between communication and conflict
  • Securing the foundation needed to avoid being blown over by the conflicts
Duration: From 50 minutes to 1,5 hours

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