Optimal communication

It's not what you say - it's the way you say it!

Duration: From 50 minutes to 1,5 hours

We do it anywhere and with anyone. Communicate. We also know that body language and voice mean more than the words that are actually said. So why do we spend almost all our time and focus on the words? Imagine if you had 2 hours of Communication a week on the school schedule. So how many misunderstandings could you not have avoided ending up in?

Why book this lecture?

In a fun and entertaining way, you get the basic knowledge about optimal communication that most people would have liked to have had many years ago. Buckle up, let go of the prejudices and jump on – now there is communication!

Take home value:

  • Access your natural authority and communicate clearly.
  • You get tools for resolving conflicts through active dialogue.
  • Get the recipe for dealing with the 4 typical difficult personality types.
  • Learn to stay calm in tense situations so they do not drain you.

The lecture can be angled so that it is targeted at either the company’s managers or the employees.

TDC Customer Service says

Based on the fact that good management and communication in a dynamic company is the means to achieve top performance and well-being, we at TDC Business Customer Service have completed a leadership development course, where we together with Sebastian Nybo have trained techniques and tools that support the leader’s role as communicator.
All in all, a very inspiring and educational course – centered around “Dialogue and feedback” respectively.”Communication to groups”- where we have created a common focus on the leader’s role as communicator and the value of effective communication planning and not least the professional and psychological elements that are part of an effective and rewarding communication at both individual and group level.
Sebastian is a fantastically skilled communicator and his form of teaching with an alternation between theory and practical case training – among other things – in the form of conversation workshops – has been extremely fruitful and provided a basis for great reflection.
The collaboration with Sebastian has clearly lived up to our expectations and embraced a relevant development need, which is also confirmed by the participant evaluation, where the feedback on the question about “To what extent can you use the course in your daily work” is an overall score of 4.9 (on a scale of 1 to 5).
We have been given some models and methodologies that we can and must continue to work with – because there is no doubt that it can be difficult to master the role of communicator. Most of us are not yet world champions in communication – it is knowledge and experience that make us change behavior and strengthen our ability as a communicator. Therefore, it is of course important that we hold each other accountable in using this learning and give each other feedback. Because as Sebastian Nybo says: “If one learns a little and shares it with others – then everyone learns a lot.

Lene Krakau Larsen,
Customer Service Director TDC Business
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Key words about the lecture

  • Basic elements for good communication are uncovered
  • Learn to penetrate with your message already the first time
  • Learn to spot which of the 4 types of intelligence you are communicating with
Duration: From 50 minutes to 1,5 hours

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