Be generous and prosper (in danish)

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Sebastian Nybo is the first Dane to have had some long conversations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama with the intent to publish a book on ethics and responsibility in the world – from individuals to companies and government organizations.

“Be generous and prosper” has been created in close collaboration, and the book has been followed by a large seminar in Copenhagen May 28-30 2009, where H.H. The Dalai Lama also participated. The world stands in a place where it is no longer possible to just look the other way. New initiatives and a new understanding that we are all in the same boat are needed. We all have a responsibility, the cashier to manage what she can, within her area of responsibility.

Companies and others with large reach or cash holdings have a correspondingly greater responsibility. The book is based on the conversations with the Dalai Lama, but Sebastian Nybo also grabs hold of his own many years of experience as a business psychology consultant, coach and keynote speaker for the Danish business community.

Testimonials about the book

An important book

“Be generous and prosper” is an important book right now … its message that ethics cannot be graded, that every single human being must take a stand and take responsibility in a world that is becoming more chaotic and unpredictable day by day … makes the book a “must” for anyone interested in how we develop a new set of values to deal with climate change, financial crisis, war and dysfunctional trade … and the courage to treat each other with respect and dignity …!”

Christian Have, Have PR og Communikation

A book that calls for the best in us

“Sebastian Nybo speaks to the best in us, to our potential, to our greatness – when he reminds us of the ethical responsibility we bear for each other and not least for the planet that is under such massive pressure. The book – which is a loving appeal to us – is broad-based, well-argued and offers concrete and applicable ethical practices for all of us, whether we are managers, business owners or employees. It is for all of us as world citizens”

Charlotte Mandrup, Management consultant and author

A very valuable book

“Be generous and prosper” is a very valuable book on ethics – and not only in a general human perspective, but also specifically for managers, business owners and employees. A book about a sustainable future, where business plays a central role, but where each of us must take responsibility for what we can each do – a very important message – and especially right now!

Steen Hildebrandt, professor, author and ph.d