Beyond The Illusion of Gravity

kr. 198,00

This book puts life, death, God, and all sorts of other things back in their original form, just as a chiropractor would reposition dislocated bones. It shows how simple and revitalizing the message of spirituality really is – but also how some people interpret it in a distorted and restrictive way.

With a firm and loving hand, Beyond the illusion of gravity deals with the religious dogmas of the smug spiritual elite and the irresponsible passivity of pop-Buddhism. Beyond the illusion of gravity shows the way to a deeper meaningfulness and joy of life.

About the book:

“Marcus had everything he ever wanted: The dream job as a successful architect, a loving and harmonious relationship, a wonderful connection with his family and friends, and a great apartment located in his favourite area. But something was missing. He just could not quite pinpoint what it was.

After an intense period of work, he treats himself to a spa retreat in India. Just as he thinks he is going on a vacation full of wellness and luxury, the journey turns into one of transformation and immersion. A series of dramatic events lead him from a comfortable, worry-free life into a life full of challenges and unpredictability. He realizes he has not lived his life to its fullest and that there is much more out there waiting for him…”