Conflict-free (in danish)

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CONFLICT-FREE® is the world’s first board game about conflicts
– and it’s Danish

The board game CONFLICT-FREE® is the first game designed to teach the player to resolve everyday conflicts quickly, efficiently and without losers or unnecessary drama. The game has been developed by one of Denmark’s most recognized business psychology advisors in close collaboration with game psychologists, conference providers and customers.

In an easy and fun way, you get – via CONFLICT-FREE® – access to a number of unique tools based on more than 30 years of experience from real life.

Have fun learning at the game boards…!

7 good reasons for playing CONFLICT-FREE®

You learn to:

  • Dealing with conflicts without losers
  • To avoid the draining, negative conflicts
  • To be able to say no – without creating drama
  • To use a number of effective, proven tools
  • To use your resources in the best possible way
  • To see the difference between the different types of conflicts
  • Resolving a conflict now and here so that it does not escalate

About the game

The idea is that you play CONFLICT-FREE® with your colleagues, friends and family. The game is built so that it resembles the everyday life most of us know. We wake up in the morning and in front of us lies the new day waiting. Most days offer lots of good and challenging experiences. Still, some days can be experienced as a bit of an obstacle course, where getting through with just a little surplus intact is something of an art – but it does not have to be that way!

The game teaches you – in a simple way – to judge different conflict situations; is this one of the conflicts that I can resolve using my conflict strategies – or is it the opposite – namely one of those useless conflicts that I have to avoid wasting my gunpowder on?
Do you know that the difference between a good or a conflict-filled day often depends on your own way of tackling the day?
With simple techniques, you can avoid the vast majority of the hassles that drain you of energy!

CONFLICT-FREE® is based on a number of models and theories that have proven their impact – both at work and in private life. As you play the game, you will learn these theories in a fun and straightforward way, while learning to use the tools that make you CONFLICT-FREE®.

In this way, you get to know the game’s conflict tools together, and at the same time you benefit from each other’s experiences. In this way, you all become better at tackling the conflicts that are an inevitable part of everyday life.

Through a series of role-plays, you will be trained in your ability to distinguish between different types of conflicts. You practice using your own tools so you are better equipped when you end up in your next conflicts.

CONFLICT-FREE® has been developed in collaboration with SEA Group Ltd, which is also known for the course “How to handle difficult people”, and more than 25,000 people have participated and learned to handle the conflicts that arise in everyday life. It is this knowledge that you can now learn through this game. Enjoy…

Behind the game

“We live in an unpredictable time with lots of change and a hectic pace, and as a natural consequence, there are also more negative conflicts in companies than before. Therefore, many send their employees on conflict management courses, which is a really good solution – but the problem is just that many do not have the time or resources to spend full or half days on it.

Here, CONFLICT-FREE® is an effective alternative, because it only takes one to two hours to complete and can be played when it fits into the working day”, says business psychology consultant Sebastian Nybo, founder of InnerLearningGames and CEO of SEA Group Ltd, which has produced CONFLICT-FREE®. Together with cand.psych. Henrik Leslye, he has developed the psychological theories and models that are part of CONFLICT-FREE®.

SEA Group Ltd is a unique consulting company that develops lectures, seminars and training courses for a large number of Danish and international organizations and companies – read more

Game developer and cand. psych. Lars Hoffmann has developed the game.

We also have a sales collaboration with ADEO, which also develops learning tools in the form of board games for companies.