sebastian nybo - a Speaker second to none

Sebastian Nybo is a speaker who makes a difference. With knowledge and dedication that leaves the audience with renewed insight and energy. As a keynote speaker, Sebastian is both present and inspiring, and with more than 30 years of experience, he is definitely in a league of his own. Is it time for your company to be inspired by a speaker who makes a difference?
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they all say it

“Google says it … Lego says it … The Finance Federation says it … Ministry of Taxation says it … and a lot of others say it: Sebastian Nybo is a speaker in a league of his own.

Public speaker Sebastian Nybo is a recognized lecturer, debater and author with international experience and network. In addition, Sebastian Nybo is a business psychology adviser and founder of SEB Gruppen A/S (Skal der bruges SEA group her også, som I de andre tekster?). He is an award-winning speaker who manages to put both a practical and a holistic angle on the material he communicates. His break with accustomed thinking is often both insightful and provocative.

why do i keep going?

I am often asked how I – year after year – can continue to teach thousands of people – and still be equally committed. And the answer is very simple – I am doing exactly what I am here to do.

Many of you know me as an energetic presenter who happily gives my best advice at lots of conferences, courses and seminars – but not many people know the “secret” recipe for how I have been able to maintain my energy levels so high, that I can excel again and again and again.

Presence and contemplation

The secret is SO simple that it is almost “noisy” – namely silence. In my job – as in SO many others, you are “ON” all the time – by email, on your mobile and on Facebook or LinkedIn. We enter into lots of relationships and have to deal with so much every day. We communicate non-stop …. and especially as leaders and keynote speakers there is never a quite moment. In my daily life, I make my living by talking – which most people probably know – and I love it. But I have learned through more than 30 years that it is a requirement for me to be able to “High Perform” that I also do the exact opposite. To switch from EXTROVERT to INTROVERT.

In a time of lots of challenges that require action, it is absolutely essential to learn to switch from DOING to BEING. If you also need RESTITUTION in order to be even more PRESENT, I can recommend you also prioritize both aspects in your life.

The important thing is not what you do – as long as it makes sense for you to use your talents and life on that.


Because a book can hold so much more knowledge than a lecture. The slowness of the writing process allows for a different kind of immersion, and it always benefits the reader.

I have written several books on various topics such as team dynamics, communication and empowerment. Two of them have been translated into English. My wish is always to give the reader a deeper insight into the subject, as well as concrete tools to use the new knowledge in their life.

sebastians CV

Sebastian Nybo, who is currently CEO of SEA Group Ltd, is also the founder and sole shareholder in the company. He is responsible for concept and theory development in SEA Group Ltd and the creator of the 12 theories and models that form the cornerstone of the SEA´s set of theories.

He is a recognized keynote speaker, lecturer, debater and author with international experience and network. His broad experience-based knowledge has been acquired through employment in the healthcare sector as well as management jobs in the business work. He was for a longer period manager in Politikens Hus, where he had responsibility for recruitment and training in sales. His professional range comes from his willingness to pursue and explore new projects. He works with business consulting and lectures, as well as his spirituality. A basic knowledge via a trade education, and the before mentioned hands-on knowledge, integrated with an in-depth study in psychology, has shaped his foundation, which provides both a practical and a holistic point of view.

Extensive knowledgeable guidance, supervision and cooperative relationships with researchers and theorists in the field of psychology and communication, has given him a strong, and at the same time, unconventional foundation for his work. His break from accustomed thinking is often both insightful and provocative. He has influenced the development of a new method in psychology, called transformational psychology. This method is the focal point of the more than 40 different training courses he has developed, of which, Profitable Change Processes, Effective Conflict Management and the Effective Learning Environment are the best known. In recent years, Sebastian Nybo has specialized in the topics Organizational Awareness Development, Emotional Intelligence and finally Holistic Leadership Development and Self-Management, which inspired him to write the bookThe Inner Leadership, which was published in the second edition in 2004. In addition, he has published the books How to handle difficult people and Be generous and prosper in 2009, as well as his first novel Beyond the illusion of gravity in 2015. The most recent book release was The Art of Saying NO in 2017. For more than 30 years, Sebastian Nybo has taught and been a popular keynote speaker for more than 350.000 people domestic and abroad and has accumulated extensive experience in teaching, counseling and recruiting managers and key employees.

He is known for his straightforwardness, ability to make the complex simple using humor and imagery, as well as his intense presence. Once Sebastian has “been on”, the state of affairs can NOT be the same … he makes a difference. His advice has ensured High Performance in Turn-Around processes for a large number of companies, in other words – a true pioneer.