Well-being – is something we create together

Focus on job satisfaction in challenging times

A unique three-hour seminar focusing on job satisfaction and well-being in a challenging time.

Right now, our well-being, both individually and in our community is being put to the test. C19 is close to undermining society as we know it for the vast majority – it does not help to sing together anymore, as it did in the first round. Most are exhausted and have no more “energy points” left – and in many places it starts to affect both the way we work together and the results the company achieves. When people are pressured, one of the first things to disappear is our surplus to accommodate each other’s diversity. Most become more intolerant and some end up in the “my way or the bloody highway” attitude.

Learn to take care of yourself, your colleagues and customers – in times of crisis we need to encourage the best out of each other

There is really no wonder that prolonged stress goes beyond our ability to tolerate other people and unpredictability. When you are reduced down into the reptile brain status, there is not much vision and tolerance to expect. But it is super annoying when it drains both the quality of working life and the joy of the collegial community, and ends up costing lots of money due to poor customer service. And something needs to be done about that. Not that we can remove C19 or the uncertainty and unpredictability it has brought into our daily lives, but because we can psychologically learn not to dwell on what we cannot change.

Take home value:

The purpose of this seminar is to get rid of the worries we cannot influence and thereby avoid unnecessary drain on our well-being. To “fill” new energy in the tank and learn about the “Live happily” strategy.

  • Strengthen or re-establish the connection to your inner resilience
  • Gain insight into the 10 self-care habits that strengthen you, your energy field and your immune system
  • Learn a variety of simple and effective techniques to “recharge” – even in headwinds

The main focus for the 3 hours is

Element 1

Self-responsibility and what I as an individual can do to optimize my own well-being.

Element 2

What can we do in our teams and the community

Element 3

What could we wish the management did to remove some of the things that create hassle and thereby drain well-being. The emphasis on the three elements is: No. 1: 60% – No. 2: 30% – No. 3: 10%

The reason why the emphasis is precisely like this is that these workshops aim to create the greatest possible growth in the individual’s well-being. And do not just end up being a free round in the shooting tent where you just blame the management for everything that is not good.

Participant profile

All employees at all levels.


From positive psychology, we know what strategies are needed to change a problem-oriented thought pattern to a positive field of opportunity. The 10 self-care habits that are based on evidence-based research are both easy, concrete and practically applicable in everyday life. Both as an individual and in the teams and communities we are all part of. They are the central element of this workshop. The participants will learn to remove as many of the draining elements that have settled around us as possible, as well as get tools to keep the energy level high among both colleagues and close relationships.

It’s really very simple. If the individual is unhappy, then close relationships will not thrive either. And finally, the organization will suffer because of it. Therefore, the self-responsibility of the individual is absolutely central to achieving both their own well-being and a high level of performance for the organization.

For most people, well-being is a bit like a piece of wet soap to get hold of, which is actually paradoxical since it is a basic prerequisite for working well – both in life and at work. This seminar provides concrete tools for how the individual can take personal responsibility for their own well-being.


The course alternates between exercises, presentations and reflections on own practice. And you will leave the course with a number of tools and knowledge that are directly applicable in your everyday life as an employee.

The form is light and entertaining and the participants will leave the workshop with renewed energy and a number of concrete tools to both remove what impedes and drains well-being in everyday life, as well as a number of keys and insights on how to “live happily”.


Sebastian Nybo is a renowned author, lecturer and business psychology consultant with international experience and network. He has worked with organizational development and High Performance Teams for more than 30 years. As a participant, you get access to both his deep professional knowledge as well as concrete experiences from a large number of companies that he has advised and supported until High Performance Well-being. He has developed a large number of effective and unique tools that provide an overview of the concept of well-being – and how to incorporate the 10 self-care habits into a hectic everyday life – and those for you who participate in this seminar get unique access to.

Sebastian is also the author of the 12 theories and models that are part of the SEB theory set, and in recent years has specialized in the topics of Sustainable Innovation, Team Culture and Evolutionary Psychology.

He has taught more than 350,000 people both at home and abroad and has many years of experience in teaching and advising managers and key employees, and is today considered an authority in his field.

Call and hear more at 33114422 or send an email to:

Program for the day

The 3-hour workshop contains two phases.

Phase 1: 1 hour 20 min.

Phase 1 is a presentation on well-being, as a concept. And here we have good reason to be proud – because the concept of “to thrive” comes from our Nordic linguistic background. Since then, it has spread because the English language still has it. And now it is widely used, but rarely understood in depth. At Origo, we have worked with quality of work and well-being for more than 30 years, as the key to a strong, robust, and resilient mental work environment. We have developed “The Well-being Globe” as a unique concept that manages to separate a complex concept such as well-being into a number of smaller parts, so that it becomes easy and clear to work with. Participants learn to prepare a self-analysis based on the well-being globe. Using a very simple technique where you decide how important the element is to me and how high a degree of well-being I have with it. Once you have made this analysis on all 11 elements – it quickly becomes clear where to start – because where the importance is highest and the well-being score is lowest, there is where the drain on well-being is greatest.

Phase 2: 20 min. Break

Where you can get some refreshments and time to finish your own notes.

Phase 3: 1 hour 20 min. Open space workshop.

In this open space, we create a space of abundant satisfaction where the individual participant gets the opportunity to provide input to the contexts and processes that in everyday life, at work, either tighten or are actually conflict-saturated and unpleasant. By lifting ourselves free – and gaining an overall perspective – it becomes possible to speak neutrally and solution-oriented about even difficult and dilemma-filled processes. When the workshop is over, it will be very clear who has an influence on what and what we can do about it.

The well-being globe – developed by Sebastian Nybo – gives you a unique insight into and overview of what gives and what drains you of energy so you know what to do more or less of.

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  • Insight into the well-being globe
  • The 10 well-being-creating psychological factors that ensure increased well-being
  • Coherence and well-being go hand in hand

Duration: 6 hours / full-day course eg from 9-16

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