Dynamic leadership dialogue

Practical leadership development

The purpose of this course is to make the leaders aware of their own forgotten resources and at the same time ensure a nuanced insight into the personality traits that may exist and would counteract their leadership.

All methods and theories that are applied in this course will be shown in direct relation to the factual problems that the leaders present. This ensures a practical approach that can be directly translated into own management practice.

We live in a world marked by hectic upheavals and it constantly places new demands on the modern leader. Therefore, it is central that you as a leader, are consciously developing – both professionally and personally. To ensure that – “future also becomes progress” – as a leader you have to make lots of decisions on a daily basis – often with far-reaching consequences. As a leader, your choices must ensure that the organization does not just whiz around and do a lot of things right – rather than doing the right things right. In other words, modern business also contains many dead ends that lead nowhere – other than in the wasting of resources.

From research in positive psychology, we know which elements are the prerequisite for achieving a high (working) quality of life. For many managers, finding the optimal balance between job and private life is a particular challenge as expectations in both spheres are often high. By increasing the leader’s awareness of his own performance expectations, one can avoid a large number of the classic dangers that can otherwise lead to stress and burnout.

One of the key elements we focus on in this leadership development process is the unconscious style of thinking. It is crucial for our well-being – both at work and in private – that we have developed a predominantly positive or negative thinking about ourselves, our situation and future. It is very interesting that very few think they have a negative way of thinking – but actually more than 70% have it. It lies so deeply in the unconscious part of our intellect that one does not even detect it.

The course

In this intensive coaching / counseling, we identify three types of goals. The short-term where it is about renewal of insight and rapid correction. The medium-term goals that are about arranging one’s career path so that it supports one’s natural development of talent and finally the long-term goals that are about achieving meaning in one’s life. To ensure the optimal conditions for a successful transformation at all three distances, the process begins with a holistic personality profile. Identity Blue Print is based on 7 forms of intellect scaled on 7 motivation levels. In this way, unique 49 talents emerge – which when used properly provide momentum, well-being and quality of life – but can also create melancholy, unwillingness and dissatisfaction when they are put in the “corner of shame” in everyday life. Often only minor adjustments are needed to release new resources.

The purpose of this session is to create a nuanced overview. The individual Identity Blue Print is generated on the web and the result of the analysis is a profile that maps the individual unique talent pool. As a DNA profile on the psyche, the profile provides the optimal starting point for organizing the development process. The key is to learn to utilize the natural talent pool so that it gives the best results – both professionally in leadership and as a human being. It is just as important to identify elements that are very small, because just as it would be futile to try to get a color blind person to see colors, it is also a waste of resources to try to force talents out which are not present.

The profile result is reviewed with the manager in a confidential conversation of approx. 2 hours duration. The profile is a natural opening for an individual competence development interview. The goal is to give the leaders a clear insight into their own talents and latent abilities and thereby ensure the optimal leadership development.

Built into this feedback conversation, is also a clarification of what the individual may have of special unique development needs. These needs are categorized into 4 overall elements; the physical, the mental, the emotional and the value-based – all of which must function individually and at the same time interact optimally with each other. It is not enough just to change your diet, if it´s the job which is making you angry. It is also useless to learn to say no to emotional hijacking attempts if one cannot sleep. There must be a degree of balance in the four elements and when you lead in accordance with your core values, it is more likely that our body and mind / soul will also be in balance. The aim of this session is to identify a cause / effect relationship – and from there generate the mentioned action plan with short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.

We have a large network, so if it turns out that the element you need to work with is outside my professional competence, I will of course guide you on to the right competence.

Read more about IdentityBluePrint.

Subsequent sessions

Based on 30 years of experience with leadership and organizational development, I have developed a unique form of development process, where we via 10 sessions over approx. 12 months keeps the focus on the things that you as a leader / person yourself have a direct influence on. The key is not only to solve the acute issue but to achieve lasting learning. “Learning to fish is more important than just getting a fish.” Through these sessions, leaders learn to use their own resources and talents in an optimal way, thereby achieving both the short-term and the medium- and long-term goals.


Phase 1 Expectation agreement

The client and / or the managers meet with Sebastian Nybo and reconcile expectations and the purpose of the course. Which behavior patterns should be corrected as a minimum, and what is the optimally desirable goal. Time duration about 30 minutes.

Phase 2 Reconnaissance conversation with the leaders

Via a reconnaissance conversation, special unique wishes and possible problems are uncovered. Time duration approx. 1 1/2 hours.

Fase 3 IdentityBluePrint

Managers fill in an IBP Profile – a personal profile tool that is generated via a log in to the web. The managers get a 2 hour feed back on the profile as well as a number of development keys for the preceding development process.

Phase 4 Dynamic Leadership Dialogue

The leaders carry out the 10 leadership development dialogues of 1 1/2 hours duration with approx. 1 month interval.

Phase 5 Summary

The client and the managers meet with Sebastian Nybo and summarize the process with a joint evaluation and coordinate the effective assurance plan. Time duration approx. 1 hour


Phase 1 kr. 2.400

Phase 2 kr. 6.800

Phase 3 kr. 16.000

Phase 4 kr. 6.800 pr. session

Phase 5 kr. 4.800

The above prices are excl. VAT.

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