High Performance Team

Dynamic Team Management - the key to both profitability and well-being

Duration: From 50 minutes to 1,5 hours

Being part of a High Performance Team is the key to increased work satisfaction, skills development and profitability.

Why book this lecture?

Gain insight into what kind of mechanisms ensure greater ownership, job satisfaction and productivity amongst employees and acquire tools to strengthen these mechanisms. How to get curious, motivated and persistent employees who contribute with flexibly and committed – regardless of the tasks at hand.

Take home value:

  • Insight into the basic dynamics of High Performance Teams
  • Hands-on experience for possible solutions
  • Knowledge of how to build and support High Performance Teams
  • The key to more than 30% increased profitability
  • Easy-to-use techniques so you can tackle the transition process

The 5 Keys to Success with HPT

The statistics tell us that by implementing team-based cooperation and cultivate High Performance, a team typically increases productivity by 30 % within 12-18 months. Therefore, 80% of US companies with more than 100 employees use some form of team structure. Why? Because High Performance Teams provide 34% higher return on their assets and 26% higher return on investment (ROI). A team-based organization will use 34% fewer hours to perform the same work. And when the team- based organization simultaneously experiences a lesser loss of employees and more work satisfaction, it is a win win for all parties.

Amcor Flexibles says

“A super well-planned day with a good alternation between presentation and debate. Sebastian has great professional insight into HPT – both in models and theories and lots of hands-on experiences from many factual cases. And then he manages to convey his message with great knowledge and humor.”
Githa Brydebøl,
Amcor Flexibles

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Key words about the lecture

  • Build the optimal High Performance Team
  • How to avoid the typical obstacles for the optimal team
  • The 5 key motivators for success - a concrete tool for developing the High Performance Team
  • Roles and responsibilities to support the High Performance Team culture
Duration: From 50 minutes to 1,5 hours

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