Turn around proces

Our unique core competence

Advising companies through processes of change is our core competence. During the more than 30 years we have been in the market, we have accumulated a unique knowledge of the connections between the elements of optimal processes of change. We have developed a methodological apparatus that integrates high validity into the basis for decision with far-reaching business visions. The synthesis in profitable businesses is to find the optimal connection between three basic elements:

  • to meet the prevailing Market Requirements at any time
  • that the procurement of goods is as Lean/Efficient as possible
  • to support an attractive High Performance work environment

When we have finished the analysis phase, we work closely with the management to prepare a Game Plan for the Turn Around Process. In the critical phases, we have, in several cases, provided Add-On Management in order to ensure a stable flow/efficiency.

It is absolutely central to a successful Turn Around Process that the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and in some cases also the owners are involved. It is natural that it is important to anchor the responsibility for the essence of the process at the top of the organization – but to ensure “new behavior” in the organization as a whole is the element where most processes stall. In our concept, it is woven into all elements that it is the collective consciousness that must be influenced in order to ensure success.

Some processes require a deep insight into Branding / Communication Strategy, others a special understanding of Globalization, while still others require the ability to handle an OutPlacement process. That which is our special competence is a holistic overview, where complexity supports and highlights the nuances of the decision foundation.

As you can see from our product range as well as through our international network of experts, we have a broad, deep and holistic reach, so with us you are sure of SinglePoint of Contact.

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