Peace, Balance and Insightfulness (in danish)

kr. 198,00

The three guided visualizations on the CD serve the purpose of providing calm, balance and self-insight. The CD comes in a small and practical book that instructs, elaborates and provides insight into how to use the CD optimally.

The book discusses different forms of stress to help the listener choose which of the 3 guided visualizations best suits the individual’s life situation – right now! Our ability to imagine things is crucial to the future we face. We can either motivate and build ourselves or demotivate and erode ourselves. Our ability to create motivation is infinite. Give in to using the life-giving power of self-motivation. In a world where the pace is increasing and the information is flickering around us, it can be difficult to find peace and thereby renewed surplus. It can be experienced as an impossible task just to keep up. Some of us get stressed by what we do not achieve, and others are stressed by our demands on ourselves. Persistent stress removes quality of life. Stress is without a doubt the great killer of our time. Not just in the physical sense, but also when it comes to human relationships.

In the little book, the reader can find out more about the four different forms of stress and tips for doing something about the condition. Sebastian Nybo, who has recorded the CD and written both the text for the visualizations and the book, is a CEO and business psychology consultant. Through his many years of work, he has drawn inspiration and encouragement to publish this practical tool. It can be used by anyone who wants to achieve greater inner and outer peace and harmony. No special prerequisites are required to take full advantage of the CD.

Sebastian Nybo leads you with his calm and intense voice on a journey through your thoughts and feelings, leaving you in a state of relaxation and harmony. “Give yourself a simple and effective tool that increases your resources” Up to 9 CDs can be purchased per. order – if you want more than 9, write to us for a special price.