The art of saying NO (in danish)

kr. 249,95

Do you find it difficult to say no to your boss, your children, your parents or your friends? Do you take on too many tasks and have you experienced being stressed out by saying YES to too much?

Many people have become so accustomed to ignoring their own wants and needs that they loose the ability to feel when they have reached the limit. And when modern society, at the same time, teaches us to put SO extremely high demands on ourselves and each other, we end up with a potential life-threatening cocktail.

It´s actually quite simple – there must be a balance between the resources you have and the tasks and relationships you say YES to. If there isn`t, an imbalance will occur. So why is it SO hard to say NO anyway? Well that’s exactly what this book is about.

Do you have a hard time saying NO because you do not want to accept that there is something you can not do (the super-hero syndrome) or because you just can not bear to disappoint the person asking? Do you say YES instead of NO because you think everyone else can handle it or because you thought it was too pathetic if you couldn`t? Whatever the reason, it can be life-threatening not to be able to say NO.

The book contains a number of effective tools you can use to regain balance in your life and avoid the new major lifestyle disease: the fatigue syndrome.

Learn to master the 4 magic NO’s:

The competent No

The loving No

The peculiar No

The resolute No

With The Art of Saying NO, you now have the chance to prioritize – to say YES and NO to what is right for you. Because you do not have to make it harder than it is. Right? NO