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Duration: From 50 minutes to 1,5 hours

It comes as no surprise to anyone, that the work environments, that are characterized by work satisfaction, are also those who produce the best results. But some may find it surprising, that those whom quickly and most easily adapt to change, are also the ones who are most tolerant towards resistance from any surrounding environment. Would you also like to be in on the secret of how to achieve this?

Why book this lecture?

Boost employee engagement with a lecture, which is a life-affirming Wake Up Call to anyone who would like to avoid sadness, concern and heavy thoughts during the workday. Most people know that negativity and pessimism can drain all the energy and activity out of a group – but there are very few who know what to do about it.

Take home value:

  • Learn to balance the energy system
  • Learn to manage your energy resources and thus escape the downward spiral of negativity, and to “shake it of” and move on.
  • You learn to initiate a positive change, starting with your own energy.
  • The lecture also gives you numerous tools to change negative thought patterns into new opportunities filled with energy and vitality – even when everything is constantly changing

The lecture can be customized so it targets either the management or employees.

Faxe Municipalty says

“Over the past year, I have had an incredibly good cooperation with the SEA Group with improving well-being in parts of my administration. In the spring of 2010, well-being was a major challenge in the administration under Technology and the Environment. The SEA Group was contacted to help us improve and provide a guideline for a continuous focus on well-being.
We conducted interview with all employees and managers to get a diagnosis of the challenges of well-being. Goals and itinerary were set up, organizational changes were implemented and the issues mentioned in the SEA Group’s reporting were addressed. It has been a long process to turn well-being from a negative focus to a forward-looking focus, but I have undeniably experienced that Sebastian and the SEA Group have been a very important and competent partner for everyone involved. Sebastian has managed to enhanced the challenges and kept the focus on the process even during hectic periods along the way. The SEA Group has managed to use theoretical and practical approaches that everyone in the organization can benefit from. I have no doubt that Sebastian has been an important part in the improvement of the well-being experienced in the management – both as a sparring partner and facilitator of this well-being process. I will surely, in other similar situations and projects, turn to Sebastian for sparring and guidance in the future.”
Thomas Eriksen, Manager
Faxe Municipalty, Technology and the Environment
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Key words about the lecture

  • Why humor promotes life quality - new research provides the answer
  • How can you avoid annoyances - without becoming annoyingly happy
  • How to create balance in the 4 vital energy centers and attain more energy
  • Keep track of wasted time and turn it into activeness
Duration: From 50 minutes to 1,5 hours

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